Just noticing that someone is struggling is the first step to being a good friend. You don’t have to have all the answers, but reaching out to someone to let them know you’re concerned can be a huge relief. Going through tough times alone is often the hardest part.

My friend is thinking of suicide or hurting themself... What do I do?

If your friend is talking about hurting themself or they are talking about suicide, you should:

  • Ask them if they have thoughts about wanting to hurt themselves or ask if they are thinking of killing themself
  • Ask them if they have any plans to hurt or kill themself
  • Talk to an adult you or your friend trusts about this – it’s important to have resources for your friend and yourself

Asking someone if they are thinking of suicide will not put the idea in someone’s head. Research actually shows the opposite. People are often relieved to have someone willing to talk about what they’re going through. While you want to help with their problem, sometimes the best thing is just to do your regular thing. When you’re going through hard times, having a friend invite you to go to the gym, see a movie, or go get dinner can be calming and comforting while the storm blows over.

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