Often times, teens will open up to someone with less authority in their lives like an aunt or uncle or family friend who is less likely to overreact. Teachers and school staff will often notice when a student’s behavior changes too, so reaching out to them can help fill in the picture of what’s going on in your teen’s life.

I'm concerned about a specific behavior

  • If there’s something specific you’re worried about, explain to them why you feel concerned
  • Talk to your family doctor about your concerns, and ask them to talk to your teen about what you’ve noticed. In Washington State, teens over the age of 13 have the right to get medical attention without sharing information with their parent. While it can be hard to not know everything that’s going on, making sure they have a professional adult they can talk to is an important step
  • Check with your insurance to find a therapist that is covered

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Teen to Teen: Let’s Talk It Out

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Teen Link is a peer-to-peer support line. If you are experiencing a mental health crisis, we encourage you to dial 988, any time, day or night.

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