Our History

In 1993, 16-year-old Audra Letnes died at the hands of a boyfriend who had abused her for over a year. Estranged from her friends and afraid to tell her mother what was happening, Audra kept to herself. Audra’s inability to tell those closest to her what was happening in her life sadly reflects the way too many teens feel today. Teen Link was created – a help line for and by teens in King County. Today, Teen Link answers calls from teens in need and also makes youth suicide prevention presentations at schools throughout the County. Teen Link is also accredited by CONTACT USA.

What are Teens Saying about Teen Link?

  • It felt like I was talking to more of a friend than a help line.

    Teen called after friend attempted suicide

  • They could not provide me the information I need, but they gave me a resource that could!

    Teen looking for information

  • My chat specialist was very nice and helpful. They made sure I received the resources I needed. 

    Teen looking for resources for an eating disorder/depression

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6 – 10 pm

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3 – 5:59 pm
Substance Use Line 
1 – 10 pm 
Dial 866.833.6546 and press 2
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