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Find the most typically requested services and resources or download our Where to Turn for Teens (WTTFTs) below. For more information or for further help, please contact us.

Teen Link Substance Use Prevention Line

Teen Link expanded hours of operation from 1-10 pm to include substance use and prevention consultation with a Substance Use Disorder Professional. 

If a teen or an adult concerned about a teen has questions or concerns about drug use, they can now call, chat, or text to connect directly with a Teen Link Substance Use Prevention Clinician. Our staff are able to assist callers with:

  • Strategies to prevent teen drug use
  • Access to drug education materials
  • Finding ways to talk to teens about drugs
  • Referrals to treatment
  • Organizing outreach and drug education clinics  
  • and more!  

Teen Link Substance Use Prevention line is open from 1-10 pm 7 days a week. To reach us, simply call or text to: 866-833-6546 or click here for chat.

Substance Use Prevention Resources are available to you.

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