Month: May 2019

Talk it Out

Talk it out with someone you trust, or connect with us to talk about it.


Try organizing your room, clothes, homework, or tasks. Cleaning your space can also help you clear your head.


Draw or paint your emotions, or try color coordinating your feelings


Journal about how you feel, things you wish you could say to people, how you would like things to be different

Youth Volunteer

“In a generation that’s both talking more about mental health and experiencing more mental health issues, I’m proud to serve the community through Teen Link.”

Youth Volunteer

“This incredible resource has given me the tools to help both others and myself with empathy, knowledge, and passion. I am so grateful for this welcoming, accepting place!”

Youth Volunteer

“Working with Teen Link has helped me to develop my interpersonal skills and empathy, but more importantly, it has showed me the impact that a human connection can have on a person’s life and wellbeing.”